Can You Complete the “Smelly Cat” Lyrics from Friends?

tverkhovinets/iStock via Getty Images (cat); Magic Pasta/Shutterstock (paw prints)

1. “Smelly cat, __ __”

A) Smelly cat
B) Stinky cat
C) Big belly cat

2. “You may not be a __ __ __”

A) Very clean cat
B) Very good groomer
C) Bed of roses

3. “They wont take you to __ __”

A) The park
B) The vet
C) The groomer

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4. ”It’s __ your fault”

A) Somewhat
B) Not
C) All

5. “What are they __ you?”

A) Providing
B) Feeding
C) Giving

6. “You’re no friend of __ __ __”

A) Those with noses
B) Anyone who can smell
C) Soap and water

7. “You’re obviously not their __ __”

A) Favorite cat
B) Favorite pet
C) Main priority

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Answers: 1:A; 2:C; 3:B; 4:B; 5:B; 6:A; 7:B