Level Up With These 11 Awesome Products for Retro Gamers

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Whether you were raised on a steady diet of Super Mario Bros. and Saturday morning cartoons or you've only just begun exploring the golden age of gaming, retro video games are exciting for anyone who's a fan of the medium. And no matter what your vintage game of choice might be, you'll appreciate these 11 awesome retro gaming collectibles below.

1. Pac-Man Ghost Light Table Lamp; $30


If you need some hip decor for a room that tells everyone the kind of arcade action you're into, this Pac-Man lamp should do the trick nicely. But don't be fooled into thinking it represents just one ghost, as it cycles through an entire litany of colors. Plus, it's 8 inches tall, so you can place it wherever you need a spot of random geekiness.

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2. My Arcade Pixel Classic Handheld System; $20

Amazon/My Arcade

If you're jonesing to play some of the games that you grew up with, getting your fix may be difficult for some classic titles. That's where the My Arcade Pixel Classic handheld comes in. It comes with 300 games pre-loaded into it, like Burger Time and Karate Champ, so you can get your retro game on without breaking a sweat. Plus, its handheld factor means you don't have to lug any expensive equipment around with you every time you want to play.

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3. Super Mario Bros. 2-Pack Glass Set; $20

Amazon/Controller Gear

If "breaking out the good glasses" means a Solo cup right now, you might be in the market for some new drinkware. Look no further than these Super Mario Bros. glasses, which show Mario attacking big bad Bowser during the final showdown of the original game. Let's face it: They're going to look cool no matter what you decide to drink out of them.

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4. Plush Mega Man Cosplay Hat; $16

Amazon/Great Eastern

Who's cooler than the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man? If you've ever wished you could run around pew-pewing power beams out of the buster cannon on your arm, this fun plush cosplay hat is for you. It's an officially licensed replica of Mega Man's helmet, so you can run around your house (and annoy your kids, significant other, siblings, etc.) pretending you're one of gaming's coolest heroes. And you're lying to yourself if you don't think this hat will fully make you do those sorts of things.

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5. The Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge Fleece Blanket; $33

Amazon/Franco Manufacturing Co.

The original gold Legend of Zelda cartridge looked amazing when it first debuted on the NES back in the '80s, and now you can cuddle up with this 45-inch-by-60-inch replica fleece blanket.

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6. The Oregon Trail Card Game; $27


If you find that you continually die of dysentery before you can make real progress in the classic Oregon Trail game, perhaps the card-based version is more for you. Bring the classic game into the real world with this fun cooperative adventure, which is for two to six players. Adorned with retro 8-bit artwork and the same challenges you remember as a kid, this is a great way to pay homage to one of the greatest retro educational titles of all time.

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7. Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure; $11

Amazon/Sonic the Hedgehog

Everyone can agree that classic, rotund Sonic is the one we all love to play with. Just look at those stubby little arms. This is the Sonic that ran his heart out, right into one of the best platforming games of all time. Now you can put him anywhere you want and in whatever pose you choose.

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8. Tetris Heat Changing Coffee Mug; $14


Tetris is one of the most addictive puzzlers in the world. Who can resist placing all those blocks as they fall down the game board? And this coffee mug magically features Tetris pieces appearing as soon as your cup heats up with the delicious caffeinated nectar inside.

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9. Micro Arcade Space Invaders; $16

Amazon/Super Impulse USA

Wish you had a way to enjoy classic retro games that can fit in your pocket or purse? This Micro Arcade Space Invaders unit is a hair over 3 inches across, making it the smallest playable retro unit you can find. In other words, it's fully functional, but you can also stow it in your wallet if you wanted. While the Space Invaders version is fun, you can get it in various titles, from Dig Dug to Galaga, so classic gaming is just a few button presses away.

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10. Centipede Retro Handheld Arcade Game; $22

Amazon/The Bridge Direct

Centipede is one of the most famous arcade games out there, and it's especially fun to play when you have plenty of quarters to spare. But with this miniature arcade machine, which looks and plays just like the real version, that's not something you'll have to worry about. From a movable joystick to the authentic sounds you remember from the original, this is all about nostalgia.

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11. SN30Pro+ Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch


There are plenty of fun retro games to play on Nintendo Switch, thanks to the cache of NES and SNES titles on Nintendo Switch Online. And this controller gets you pretty close to the way they were originally meant to be played. It's designed to mimic classic gamepads, and it gives you plenty more leeway than the Joy-Cons will if you plan to play through some of yesteryear's greatest titles.

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