New Box Set Features All Four Indiana Jones Movies Remastered in 4K for the First Time Ever

Raiders of this box set.
Raiders of this box set. / Lucasfilm Ltd.
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When Indiana Jones starts trending these days, it’s often regarding an update on the highly anticipated fifth installment of the series. It’s not always good news—the film was delayed from summer 2019 to summer 2020, and then to summer 2021 … and yet again to summer 2022.

It’s now scheduled to hit theaters on July 29, 2022, with Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role and James Mangold replacing Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair. While we can’t say for certain that the movie's debut won’t get postponed again in the future, the release date we’re sharing today is both more solid and much sooner: June 8, 2021.

As IGN reports, that’s the first day you’ll be able to buy a new Blu-ray box set of all four existing Indiana Jones movies, remastered in glorious 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever. The set is a collaboration between Paramount Home Entertainment and Lucasfilm Ltd. to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark’s debut in June 1981.

Maybe Indy will be searching for this box set in the next film.
Maybe Indy will be searching for this box set in the next film. / Amazon

High definition isn’t the new collection’s only selling point. Ben Burtt, a multiple award-winning sound designer best known for his work on Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies, spearheaded the remixing of all the sound with new audio technology. The set also boasts seven hours of behind-the-scenes bonus features, from filming ambitious stunts to working with live snakes.

In addition to getting physical discs to add to your Blu-ray collection, you’ll also receive access to digital editions of all four films. If that sounds like an unrefusable offer, you can pre-order the box set from Amazon ($80).

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