Turn Your Handwritten Letter Into a Blanket This Mother’s Day

FrankiePrintCo/Etsy / FrankiePrintCo/Etsy
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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women who have helped care for us throughout our lives. Whether this person is your actual mother or someone who has inspired you for years, this day is all about them. And while gifts are a no-brainer, why not make them more personal?

FrankiePrintCo on Etsy is taking handwritten notes and turning them into cherished blankets that your mom can use for years to come. All you have to do is write a heartfelt letter to your mom on the template provided, send it off to the maker, and then your words will soon be immortalized in fabric. If your penmanship isn’t as stellar as you want it to be, you can choose the handwriting font option, which will still have the same effect while actually being legible.

These 100-percent-cotton blankets are available in three different sizes, ranging from 37 inches by 52 inches to 60 inches by 80 inches. That way, you can buy your mom a blanket meant to cover anything from a small chair to her entire queen-sized bed. Since these blankets are personalized, the faster you get your materials in, the quicker you will receive the gift. So get your pens ready and write a lasting letter for Mother’s Day. 

To learn more about the FrankiePrintCo personalized blankets, make sure to check the store out on Etsy.

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