10 Offbeat Products for Shakespeare Obsessives

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon / The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon
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Though no one can truly confirm William Shakespeare's birthdate, baptismal traditions point to it being April 23, 1564, which is when most of the world now celebrates it. (Coincidentally, he died on the same date in 1616 at the age of 52.) If you're the type who still sets aside a little time to remember the Bard on his birthday, you'll probably have room in your life for some of these offbeat collectibles that honor Shakespeare's wit and wisdom.

1. William Shakespeare Secular Saint Candle; $14

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon

The patron saint of Elizabethan literature now has a candle worthy of his accomplishments, thanks to the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. Known for its funny products about historical figures, the Guild’s candle will complete any shrine to the author.

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2. Shakespearean Insults Poster; $25

Curious Charts Commission/Amazon

Though Shakespeare may be known for his more romantic or philosophical prose, he was also famous for his eviscerating insults. This poster will provide you with plenty of sharp one-liners from Shakespeare’s plays to disarm your opponent with, such as “He has not so much brain as ear-wax,” from Troilus and Cressida.

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3. I Put The Lit In Literature Mug; $13


The master of iambic pentameter was also a bit of a scoundrel and loved a play on words. This mug encapsulates both of these traits and is the perfect companion when you sit down to reread A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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4. William Shakespeare LEGO Minifigure; $24


After making an appearance in 2014's The LEGO Movie (and the subsequent video games), it was only natural that Shakespeare would be turned into an actual minifigure by the company. This one even comes with a quill and parchment saying “To build … or not to build.”

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5. Dewey Decimal System Necklace; $3

David Seeds/Amazon

Fans of Shakespeare, along with aspiring librarians, will know that the playwright is cataloged as 822.33 [PDF] under English Drama, Elizabethan period (1558-1625) in the Dewey Decimal System. This necklace puts that designation front and center, complete with that smeared ink look that only a library could produce.

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6. Shakespearean Magnetic Poetry Kit; $13

Magnetic Poetry/Amazon

This magnetic poetry set is filled with choice words from Shakespeare's plays, allowing you to craft your own works of art right on your refrigerator.

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7. William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy; $29

Quirk Books/Amazon

The sci-fi world of Star Wars might seem galaxies away from the world of Shakespeare, but author Ian Doescher decided to combine the two universes to create William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy. In these books, the three original Star Wars movies are reimagined as a stage play from the 17th century, so they're more at home at the Globe Theatre than a multiplex. Still, who can say no to The Empire Striketh Back?

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8. Shakespeare Quote Socks; $11


If you want to show off your idolatry for Shakespeare in a more subtle way than performing on stage, these socks will bring his words closer to you. This pair features the lines the Countess of Roussillon tells her son Bertram in All’s Well That Ends Well: “Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.”

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9. The World of Shakespeare 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle; $20

Laurence King Publishing/Amazon

This 1000-piece puzzle lets you recreate and take a tour of Shakespeare's world, complete with a cast rehearsing in the Globe Theatre and Richard III at the Tower of London.

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10. Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game; $12

Chronicle Books/Amazon

Much like Game of Thrones, no character was safe from the Grim Reaper's clutches when the Bard had a quill in hand. This card game embraces the macabre aspects of Shakespeare's work by assigning numeric values to his most famous death scenes in categories like Last Words, Fairness, Speed of Death, and others. The goal here is to have a hand with the highest number in each of these categories.

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