Protect Your Precious Pup From the Sun With Their Own Little Baseball Cap

Happy Hours/Amazon
Happy Hours/Amazon / Happy Hours/Amazon
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Dog owners can’t help but want to protect their four-legged friends when they're running around outside. And it's especially important to shield those big puppy dog eyes from the sun in the summer. If you're not willing to find a pair of tiny sunglasses that your dog will actually cooperate with, you can opt for Happy Hours’ dog baseball hat, which will shade your pup's eyes while they get some fresh air.

This baseball cap, available on Amazon for $7, is designed with an adjustable chin strap and two ear holes, so it won't fly off your dog's head the moment they sprint after the first squirrel they scope out. The outer layer is made from high-quality Oxford fabric, while the inside is a soft 100-percent cotton lining, making this a breathable solution for everyday use.

Happy Hours/Amazon

Your dog can wear it out to the park when you want to play fetch or take it to the beach and lounge by the waves. The hat will even fit on your cat, but you should be prepared for a little more pushback there.

This hat is available in four sizes and comes in 10 different colors and patterns. You can find all the hats over on Amazon.

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