Hang Out at Central Perk With This Full-Size Replica of the Iconic Friends Couch

Robe Factory/Toynk
Robe Factory/Toynk / Robe Factory/Toynk
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The characters on Friends spend most of their time—a suspicious amount, in fact—sitting around at their favorite coffee shop, Central Perk. And if you've always dreamed of having that type of laid-back lifestyle with your own friends, with no pesky jobs or family holding you back, you can get yourself a replica of the series' iconic orange couch, thanks to Toynk.

This burnt orange three-seater looks almost identical to the one used on the show, right down to the golden tassel trim and geometric design nuances. Measuring approximately 90 inches by 41 inches by 43 inches, this can serve as the ultimate lounging spot to watch all 10 seasons of the sitcom again. Just be prepared to shell out $3300 for it.

To get the couch ready for you to hang out on, it only requires a bit of assembly to attach the legs. Let’s just hope you don’t live in a five-floor walk-up apartment and need to pivot all the way up.

If you're looking to recreate Central Perk in your own home, head on over to Toynk to see this couch for yourself. If spending more than $3000 on a conversation piece isn't in your budget, check out these wallet-friendly Friends collectibles.

[h/t Pop Insider]

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