LEGO Is Celebrating Star Wars Day Early With Exclusive Releases and Deals

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Fans of the adventures set in a galaxy far, far away know that May 4—also known as Star Wars Day—is a time for exciting new movie, TV show, and video game announcements, along with plenty of sales on merchandise across the web. And like it does every year, LEGO is kicking off its Star Wars Day celebrations early, featuring exclusive deals, new releases, and free gifts from May 1 through May 5.

LEGO has already released some new items in anticipation of Star Wars Day, including a 683-piece Imperial Probe Droid set and Darth Vader and Scout Trooper helmet sets. And on May 1, the company is releasing a massive R2-D2 set comprised of more than 2300 pieces and a secret compartment for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.


There are also some exclusive perks and gifts to enjoy while supplies last. If you spend $85 or more on the LEGO site starting May 1, you will be eligible to get a free Tatooine Homestead micro-build showcasing the Lars home, a Sandcrawler, and a landspeeder. Studs are included to represent characters like Luke, C-3PO, and Aunt Beru.

Fans can also enter a sweepstakes through May 21 to win a one-of-a-kind “Dutch” Vander minifigure (which is among the deepest of deepest cuts). LEGO VIPs will also earn double points through May 5, and customers who buy products in a physical LEGO store will be eligible for a free Imperial Shuttle on orders over $40 while supplies last.

Head over to LEGO's May the Fourth hub to see all the deals you can take advantage of before May 5. And head to Amazon to check out the Imperial Probe Droid set and the Darth Vader and Scout Trooper helmets.

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