Beat the Heat With a Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice/Amazon
Hawaiian Shaved Ice/Amazon / Hawaiian Shaved Ice/Amazon
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As the weather warms up, the most delicious way to cool down is with a frosty treat. But instead of rushing off to the store for a box of popsicles or waiting for the ice cream man to make an appearance, you can try making your own Hawaiian shaved ices, slushies, and snow cones at home with this $40 gadget from Amazon.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine is easy to use and great for making whatever chilly concoction you have in mind. The machine comes in three easy-to-assemble parts and includes two ice molds and a non-slip mat. All you have to do is freeze the block ice molds, place the molded ice into the crusher cup, put the motor unit in position, and press down to shave the ice into fluffy snow. Then you can finish it off with your favorite syrup—so you can opt for tried-and-true fruity varieties or experiment with some coffee-flavored syrup you have sitting around. (There's no shortage of syrups available to buy.)

Before shaving, let the ice blocks thaw for about five to seven minutes; this “tempers” the ice and creates the best snow. If you prefer a crunchier treat, just adjust the stainless-steel blade to shave to your desired texture.

You can find the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine on Amazon.

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