Easily Compost Your Food Waste at Home With This Single-Button Machine

Pela Case/Indiegogo
Pela Case/Indiegogo / Pela Case/Indiegogo
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Composting is an excellent option for giving food waste a second life. Still, not everyone has the patience, space, or stomach to deal with all those rotting banana peels and apple cores, even if you love the potential benefits they provide. Pela, a company that makes eco-friendly phone cases, is cutting through the difficulties of composting at home with an easy-to-use, single-button machine called Lomi, which is now available to back on Indiegogo.

For the past three years, Pela's engineers have been testing the Lomi to make it simple for everyday users. You start by filling the chamber with vegetables, fruits, animal products, yard waste, and whatever else fits the bill. Then you just put the lid on and press the button on the front. You can choose which mode you want your Lomi to use depending on how fast you want the waste broken down and what kind of waste you're using. The machine will then quietly compost these scraps by using heat, abrasion, and oxygen. And the biggest plus might be that Lomi's composting method neutralizes odors, making the whole process much more approachable for newcomers.

Once it's done, you can use the nutrient-rich compost wherever you want, like for your outdoor garden or indoor plants. The Lomi can then just be tossed in the dishwasher.

There are multiple ways you can support this project. Backers who live in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico can contribute $379 to receive one Lomi machine. International backers will get one with a contribution of $399 or more. American and Canadian backers can also pledge more money to get more machines.

Pela’s Lomi campaign is on Indiegogo with a deadline of May 21. Shipments are expected to go out to North American backers by December 2021 and international backers by September 2022.

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