Bring Your Office Anywhere With Vari’s Portable Standing Desk

Vari/Amazon / Vari/Amazon
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Working from home this past year has challenged the very idea of what an office is anymore. Is it a couch, a back porch, a café, or a completely separate room from the rest of the house? Many of us have adapted our traditional styles for a more customized experience using ergonomic chairs and seat cushions. But if you long for the standing desk you used to have at your old office, Vari just released a portable option that you can find on Amazon for $125.

Vari sent me a sample of the desk to test out, and it was illuminating. Usually, I sit at a traditional desk when I work, so standing throughout the day was a whole new experience. Since the Vari desk is meant to be used on any flat, level surface, I typically clear the center of my desk, so the platform is at the correct level for me to type on my computer comfortably. The aluminum desk sports a 12-inch platform that holds your laptop, and there are anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the legs, so they won’t slide once you find the right spot for the desk. To set the whole thing up, all you have to do is squeeze the handle, and the legs will swing out to create a V-shape while the platform locks at the apex of the legs.

The platform, sadly, is not adjustable, so you can only use your laptop at a locked angle. This means not every table will be suitable for the 12-inch height of the desk. To collapse the desk, simply pull the handle again, and the legs and platform will all, quite literally, fall back into place. The material makes this equipment very light, and it can easily slip into any standard backpack longer than 16 inches. I tested it in two of my backpacks, and while it was a little clunky, it did end up fitting. I would just caution that any laptops you put in there with it should be in a padded case, since I could see it easily scratching the surface.


Whether you want a change of scenery for your next Zoom call or want to venture out of your house to work, this tool can easily travel with you to a library or coffee shop. However, if you're like me and just want to stick to working from home, this is still an easy-to-use, budget-friendly option that can turn your kitchen table or standard office desk into a standing workstation.

To check out the Vari portable laptop standing desk for yourself, head on over to Amazon or Vari.

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