It's hard to beat the convenience of taking your favorite PB&J, tuna salad, or Nutella sandwich on the go at lunchtime. But now, you can make your favorite portable snack even easier to handle with this $12 gadget that removes pesky crusts and seals the sandwich shut to avoid any unpleasant jelly leakage. If you're having flashbacks of getting an Uncrustable in your lunchbox as a kid, that's pretty much what this sandwich decruster and sealer is going for.

This two-part gadget is super easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Gather your sandwich ingredients
2. Use the blue filler dimension guide to spread or place the filling on one slice of bread
3. Add the second slice of bread
4. Place the white cutter (the larger piece) and apply pressure to remove crusts
5. Press the blue frame to seal and cut off crusts, creating your pocket sandwich
6. Remove the crusts and enjoy your sandwich!

The best part? You can get as creative and experimental with it as you want. Try it with multi-grain or gluten-free bread, or go for some unique flavor combinations. Maybe peanut butter and bacon? Since you're in charge of your own lunchbox now, go with whatever your heart and stomach desire.

The gadget is non-toxic and BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your food. The device is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Learn more about it over on Amazon.

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