What Will Tomorrow’s Wind Look Like? Check This Map

Shaunacy Ferro

Image Credit: Screenshot via Windyty

Checking your weather app doesn’t always tell you whether giant gusts of wind are going to buffet your perfect hair day or whether the air will be as stagnant as swamp water. To make up for this, a Prague-based developer created Windyty, a wind forecast site aimed at surfers, kiters, pilots, and anyone else who might want to know how the wind will blow days in advance. And even if you don’t care about the direction of the breezes, boy, is it pretty. 

The colorful, animated map of the world shows how the weather is swirling around the globe. The default mode shows wind direction and speed (in knots), but you can also view the map with temperature, cloud, snow, pressure, and humidity data overlaid. Today, for instance, winds are swirling off the coast of western Mexico, where Hurricane Andres and Tropical Storm Blanca are both gaining momentum. 

Here's what humidity levels look like today (pink means 100 percent humidity):

The data comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System (GFS) and is updated four times a day. While any kind of weather forecasting more than a few days in advance can be tricky, the site is a map geek’s dream. It’s unlikely that the wind patterns will look exactly like this eight days from now, but it’s fun to explore nevertheless. 

[h/t: CityLab]