Paul McCartney Is Releasing a Cookbook Featuring His Late Wife Linda’s Plant-Based Recipes

Little, Brown and Company/Amazon
Little, Brown and Company/Amazon / Little, Brown and Company/Amazon
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Whether you're looking to go full-time vegetarian or just need some guidance on incorporating more plant-based cooking in your life, you can get inspired by the recipes of the late Linda McCartney. The famous photographer and animal rights activist was also an early mainstream pioneer for meatless cooking and authored a number of vegetarian cookbooks during her life. In the early '90s, she even started her own food company, Linda McCartney Foods, specializing in vegan and vegetarian meals, which is still in operation.

Her legacy carries on today through her family, who is releasing a cookbook in her memory simply titled Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen. The new book features over 90 recipes, all of which are plant-based and sustainable. Her husband, rock legend Sir Paul McCartney, and their daughters, Stella and Mary, have reimagined and updated some of Linda’s most beloved meals for the project, including French toast, chili con carne, shepherd’s pie, and lemon drizzle cake.

According to People, Paul McCartney and his daughters also included a few of their more recent favorites, like pad Thai and pulled jackfruit burgers. The book also features personal anecdotes and some old family photographs.

Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen is set to release on June 29, and you can pre-order it here.

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