LEGO’s New Friends Set Faithfully Recreates the Gang’s Apartments

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If you want to live like your favorite Friends characters but can't stomach paying the estimated $4500 a month in rent that it'd take to pull it off, you can have the next-best thing with LEGO's new Friends Apartments set that's modeled on the characters' iconic digs.

The 2048-piece set includes mini-figures of the main cast, along with Chandler's ex-girlfriend, Janice. There are also countless Friends Easter eggs sprinkled throughout, including a turkey to put on Joey or Monica’s head, the Foosball table, the giant poking device meant for the Ugly Naked Guy, and more.

The set faithfully recreates both apartments' furnishings so that you can pose the characters just like in your favorite scenes (or go off script and make your very own eleventh season of the show). You'll also find a tiny section of hallway in between the apartments that makes the perfect backdrop for some floor cheesecake.


The LEGO Friends Apartments set will be released on June 1 for $150. While you wait for the new set to be released, make sure to get your hands on the LEGO Central Perk coffee shop, currently on sale on Amazon, to complete your Friends neighborhood set.

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