What 1950s Czechs Thought Our Kitchens Would Look Like

Jake Rossen

There’s something about the nice, round number of the year 2000 that appealed to forward-thinking types in the 1950s. Everyone had an idea of how we’d live (in the sky!), commute to work (in the sky!), and cure the common cold (research—in the sky!).

In 1957, a Czech short film demonstrated how women of the future might get around in the kitchen. While some of it is prescient—television shopping is indeed a thing—the idea of using punch cards to program small appliances is not yet a reality. We also can’t endorse the idea of idly putting your hands on a marble stovetop, even if you think it’s “completely cold.”

Check out the entire video to see how a giant glass bubble will future-cook a whole chicken any day now.