8 Pop Culture Phone Cases for Any Kind of Fan

Star Wars/Amazon
Star Wars/Amazon / Star Wars/Amazon
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Whether you’re a Trekkie, Potterhead, Whovian, or all of the above, you probably love to flaunt your fandom whenever you get a chance—including on your phone case. Below are unusual and delightful case designs based on almost every corner of pop culture.

1. Stylized Harry Potter iPhone 11 Case; $11


Some of the most recognizable characters and imagery from the Harry Potter series get an adorably stylized makeover on this iPhone 11 case. The design itself is slim and sleek, but it also features a built-in rubber bumper for added protection.

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2. TARDIS Blue Pantone iPhone Case; $13

Blu Cloud Industries/Society6

Any Whovian worth their salt will immediately recognize the color of this phone case when they lock eyes with it. That's because the 2955C Pantone shade was identified by the BBC as the official color of the TARDIS during Peter Capaldi's reign as the Doctor.

Buy it: Society6

3. Baby Yoda retro case; $23

Star Wars/Amazon

It's the face that launched 1000 products, and you can now encase your iPhone in Baby Yoda's intergalactic cuteness. This design features a color scheme that's pleasantly retro, with a whimsical illustration of the tiny character in his floating bassinet. It's meant strictly for iPhones, and is available in pretty much any model going back to the iPhone 7.

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4. Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse iPhone Cases; $45-55


Take your pick of Disney icons with these retro-style Mickey and Minnie Mouse iPhone cases from Otterbox. They're available in a range of sizes, from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone Xs, and each touts a slim design to fit easily into your pocket or purse.

Buy it: Otterbox

5. The Lord of the Rings Phone Case; $29


This fanmade case has a little fun with J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series and its ominous Mount Doom. Complete with some minimalist artwork, you can get this design to fit nearly any iPhone model, and it's available in a thin version or one that's a little thicker and sturdier.

Buy it: Society6

6. Pac-Man Maze Phone Case; $24


The Pac-Man maze is one of the most iconic images of the '80s arcade craze. And with this case, you can bring back the nostalgic memories of eating power pellets and burning through stacks of quarters as you chomped your way through the game's different levels. The case is available for iPhones 6s to 12.

Buy it: Society6

7. Star Trek: The Original Series Spock Live Long & Prosper Phone Case; $23

Star Trek/Amazon

Bring the Stoic wisdom of Spock with you on the go with this phone case that features everyone's favorite Vulcan mantra. This officially licensed case goes on just about any iPhone (there aren't any Androids in the future, apparently) and is built sturdily enough to resist scratches. If that doesn't quite fill your need for Trek accessories, check out this Starfleet Command wireless phone charger.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Batman: The Animated Series Phone Case; $21


Batman: The Animated Series was a landmark cartoon when it premiered in 1992, and anyone who was obsessed with it when it was originally released—or is experiencing it for the first time on HBO Max—will be struck by this case, which recreates the Dark Knight's shadowy outline from the show's closing credits.

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