Accidentally Wes Anderson Is a Travel Book That Brings the Director's Pastel-Colored World to Life

Voracious/Amazon / Voracious/Amazon
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There's no mistaking a Wes Anderson film with any other director's work. He has a distinct visual style that adds splashes of bright colors to a perfectly symmetrical world, resulting in an offbeat hallmark that's nearly impossible to imitate. Well, unless you do it by accident.

Wally Koval’s travel book, Accidentally Wes Anderson, features more than 200 places across the globe that perfectly embody Anderson's quirky lens. And all of these locations—from New Zealand’s South Island to Lisbon, Portugal—just so happened to be spotted by a legion of fans inspired by the director's movies.

Koval started the Accidentally Wes Anderson project as an Instagram account to show off buildings and scenery that look like something out of Anderson's world. Now, the account touts more than 1.4 million followers and spawned a website where others could submit their own like-minded photos. This project was then turned into a book—with a foreword by Anderson—featuring these quirky locations and the histories behind them.

Inside, you'll find hotels awash in pastel pinks and yellows; a sea of identical orange chairs from a community center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma; and a striking red dining room with a curious painted portrait of a dog lording over guests. All the subjects are varied and sometimes unremarkable in a traditional sense—but in a lot of ways, that makes them perfect for Anderson die-hards. While you can use the book as a travel guide for your next road trip, you also might just find something relaxing about the picture of the Piedmont Ballroom at Atlanta's Georgian Terrace hotel in all its symmetrical glory.


Accidentally Wes Anderson is available through Amazon, where it is currently on sale for $16. You can submit your Accidentally Wes Anderson photos here on the website.

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