Keep Your Pup From Overheating This Summer With an Elevated Cooling Bed

Gale Pacific USA/Amazon
Gale Pacific USA/Amazon / Gale Pacific USA/Amazon
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All most of us want during the summer is to be outside enjoying the sunshine. The same goes for our dogs. However, with their thick coats, they might not be equipped to handle the rising temperatures. One way you can help your dog relish in the outdoors without overheating is with an elevated pet bed.

Coolaroo, a brand that specializes in shade solutions, has created a dog bed that allows for better airflow and keeps your pet off the scorching ground. This bed, available on Amazon for less than $30, uses a breathable high-density polyethylene fabric that prevents hot spots and helps to reduce joint stress. Because of the bed’s metal frame and HDPE fabric, you can easily hose it off when it needs a clean and let it air dry.

The bed comes in three sizes for all kinds of pups, and there are six color options for all kinds of picky owners. The small model holds dogs up to 50 pounds, while the large is meant for pooches up to 100 pounds.

For dogs that need more shade, the Best Choice Products Elevated Dog Bed has a built-in canopy, so your dog is protected from the sun. You can also opt for a cooling mat that's easy to travel with.

To learn more about the Coolaroo elevated dog bed, make sure to head on over to Amazon before summer begins.

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