Get a 3D Replica of Yourself and Your Dog

Caitlin Schneider
DOOB-3D USA Website
DOOB-3D USA Website / DOOB-3D USA Website

It can be difficult to find a way to properly honor the relationship between man (or woman) and man’s best friend. Luckily, we now have 3D printing. A company in New York called DOOB is now using 3D scanning technology to make replicas of owners and their dogs.

The cost of the figurine depends on the size you want. Small figurines cost as little as $95, while 14-inch models are a hefty $695. To get the perfect doll in your likeness, you stand inside a chamber where 54 cameras capture a single moment. Those photos are sent to Brooklyn where a set of large printers makes your 3D replica. The real-life action figures are brushed clean and dipped in a substance that increases the vibrancy of their color and hardens them, and the final product arrives to the buyer about two or three weeks after ordering.

“It’s a recreation of the family photo,” DOOB CEO Michael Anderson tells DNAinfo. “They’re more emotional products than vanity products and novelties.”

[h/t DNAinfo]