Celebrate National Burger Day With These 9 Kitchen Accessories and Collectibles

Cuisinart/Amazon / Cuisinart/Amazon
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Burger season marks the beginning of warm weather, backyard barbecues, and summer festivals. Whether you’re cooking your own burgers or ordering from your favorite spot, there are many ways to express your love of this quintessential summertime food. And to help celebrate National Burger Day on May 28, we've put together a list of some must-have burger gadgets, accessories, and collectibles.

1. Cuisinart 3-in-1 Burger Press; $10


A burger press helps make evenly sized and shaped patties with less mess and more precision. In addition to making standard burgers and sliders, this three-part press from Cuisinart is specifically designed to help you make a mean stuffed burger. So get a little more creative than usual this summer by filling your patties with whatever cheese and veggies your imagination dictates.

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2. Grill Press with Griddle spatula; $22


If you want your burger patties to be thin, caramelized, and deliciously crispy, you'll have to embrace the art of smashing—and this extra-large meat press is exactly what you need to get it done. With this kitchen accessory by your side, you can easily smash your patties down, expanding the surface area and creating a more evenly cooked and juicier end result. You can also use it as a panini press or to prevent bacon from curling.

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3. Indoor Griddle; $48


If you’re not looking to do a ton of outdoor cooking, this indoor griddle works like a charm. Use it as an extra stovetop to make burgers, eggs, pancakes, or quesadillas without using extra pots and pans. All you need to do is plug it in and set the griddle to your desired temperature.

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4. The Ultimate Burger; $20

America's Test Kitchen/Amazon

Get tips on the best ingredients, cooking methods, bun options, and condiments for your homemade burgers, courtesy of the experts at America's Test Kitchen. Here, you'll learn to master beef, turkey, fish, and plant-based patties, along with figuring out which sauces, sides, toppings, and drinks pair best with them.

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5. Sir Kensington's Special Sauce 2-pack; $10

Sir Kensington's/Amazon

If you’re a fan of the Big Mac or any other burger with a slightly orange-colored mystery sauce, this is a condiment worthy of the fridge space. This mayo blend contains paprika, mustard, and chunks of pickles and adds a great kick to any burger or sandwich. It's also made with 100-percent sunflower oil and is gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

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6. Digital Instant Read Thermometer; $13


Never second-guess the level of doneness of your burger again with this simple meat thermometer. Whether you like your burger medium or well done, or if you’re unsure about cooking your turkey burger, this instant-read gadget instantly gives you the internal temperature of a patty.

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7. Gummy Mini Burger, 60-count; $17


If you can't down a half-dozen sliders on National Burger Day, you can still get festive with some gummy burgers. These individually wrapped candies are a fun and nostalgic way to satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate an iconic food (without forming patties, turning on the griddle, and making an overall mess of the kitchen).

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8. Funko Pop! Ad Icons: McDonald's—Mayor McCheese; $10


If the thought of a burger being elected to office has ever piqued your curiosity, then you're probably familiar with the political career of Mayor McCheese. And like most relics from the '80s, this lovable McDonald's mascot is now a Funko Pop! that you can display on your desk to let your coworkers and friends know that your political views come with a side of fries.

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9. White Castle Socks; $15


If you’re going to show off your love of burgers, you first have to pay your respects to a slider institution. White Castle has been filling sacks with palm-sized patties for around 100 years, and these socks are the perfect accessory for any late-night drive-thru trip.

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