Target Has Teamed Up With Hilton Carter on a New Houseplant Collection

Target / Target
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Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to horticultural life or a novice looking for an accessible introduction, chances are you're familiar with plant stylist Hilton Carter. Known for his greenery creations on Instagram, Carter is now expanding into the world of retail by teaming up with Target for a limited-time houseplant collection featuring faux plants, terrariums, pots, and more starting at $10.

In the Hilton Carter for Target collection, there are a plethora of plant options—both real and fake—to choose from depending on your lifestyle, needs, and space. If you have tall ceilings and limited floor space, look for the 72-inch Faux Natal Mahogany tree for $130 or the hanging pink-tipped Faux Hoya Carnosa plant for $25. You can also dress up your coffee table with a leafy Faux Philodendron Birkin plant complete with a wooden and ceramic base for $25.


There is plenty to see for those who already have a green thumb and need accessories for their houseplant collection. From wall-mounted pots and decorative rocks to water misters and plant name tags, you’ll be set for the new season of growth. Make sure to also check out the selection of pots and terrariums to put your plant babies on display.

Explore the new Hilton Carter plant collection here, and check out his new step-by-step planting guidebook, Wild Creations.

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