Funko’s New Mandalorian Pops Feature a Helmetless Mando, Ahsoka, and More Baby Yoda

Funko/Target/Amazon / Funko/Target/Amazon
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Even though the next season of The Mandalorian is still a long way off, the flood of merchandise based on the show continues to flow. And, of course, a new batch of collectibles means another wave of Funko Pops. This latest set, due out October 15, features a handful of new characters from season 2, as well as a Mando figure that recreates his helmetless getup from the finale.

In this upcoming set, you’ll also find a Pop of Grogu eating those famous blue cookies (complete with crumbs falling down his shirt) and Ashoka Tano wielding both of her lightsabers. Boba Fett and Bo-Katan Kryze round out the good guys, while a Dark Trooper Battle Droid represents the baddies.

As with most Funko releases, there are exclusive Pops at different retailers. Amazon has an exclusive Hooded Ahsoka with Duel Sabers for $13, while Target is offering a Pop featuring the soup creature attacking Grogu for $9 that will be released on September 27. GameStop also has an exclusive figure of Grogu admiring a butterfly for $12, due out August 11.

Make sure to check out the whole range of the new Mandalorian Funko Pops on Amazon and hunt down the exclusive ones before they are all sold out.

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