How Much Do You Know About the American Civil War?

Keith Lance/iStock via Getty Images (Civil War battle); Vadim Almiev/Shutterstock (illustrated scrolls)

1. What were the border states?

A) Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Knetucky, and Missouri
B) Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri
C) Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio

2. Approximately how many soldiers died during the Civil War?

A) 710000
B) 620000
C) 550000

3. When did the Civil War end?

A) March 2, 1865
B) April 9, 1865
C) April 9, 1866

4. Who led the Union Army to victory?

A) Robert E. Lee
B) Ulysses S. Grant
C) Abraham Lincoln

5. Who was the first state to secede from the Union?

A) Alabama
B) West Virginia
C) South Carolina

6. True or false: All Civil War battles took place on land?


7. When did the Civil War begin?

A) May 31, 1861
B) April 30, 1861
C) April 12, 1861

8. True or False: Some Civil War soldiers glowed in the dark


9. How old was the average Union soldier?

A) 22
B) 24.5
C) 28.5

10. When did the Battle of Gettysburg begin?

A) May 29, 1863
B) July 4, 1863
C) July 1, 1863

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Answers: 1:A; 2:B; 3:B; 4:B; 5:C; 6:B; 7:C; 8:A; 9:C; 10:C