This Scratch-Off Lottery Offers a 20-Year Supply of Bacon

Rebecca OConnell
istock / istock

An Indiana lottery has taken America's love of bacon to a new level.

The Hoosier Lottery is now selling a scratch-off ticket called "Bringin' Home the Bacon." The winner will receive all the bacon they can eat for the next 20 years—or the rest of their lives, if all the bacon gets to them first. Keeping with the theme, the cards will also be bacon-scented. 

Pork-loving Hoosiers only need two dollars and some serious luck to be knee-deep in bacon. The runner-up prize is $10,000, so even those that come in second will be able to afford a steady supply of breakfast meat.

For the health-conscious and vegetarian, there is an option to opt for the cash prize instead—a lump sum of $5000.