Can You Define These Unusual Words?

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1. Aspiration

A) Marriage
B) Theft
C) Air travel

2. Hogo

A) A thick stick
B) A dirty pig
C) A strong flavor

3. Kindergraph

A) A classroom seating plan
B) A chart of a child’s growth
C) A photograph of a kid

4. Nid-nod

A) A knicknack
B) To ride a teeter-totter
C) To nod repeatedly while tired

5. Eructation

A) Belching
B) To erect a small building
C) Eradication

6. Icker

A) A muddy puddle
B) A bug
C) An ear of corn

7. Enchiridion

A) A cloth napkin
B) A dipping sauce
C) A manuel

8. Fimblefamble

A) A really lame excuse
B) A knickknack
C) To waffle

9. Betweenity

A) The space between two rooms
B) The hours between breakfast and lunch
C) Indecision

10. Bumfodder

A) Toilet paper
B) A brainteaser
C) A menial task

11. Baragouin

A) A bedframe
B) Gibberish
C) A type of Moroccan pastry

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Answers: 1:B; 2:C; 3:C; 4:C; 5:A; 6:C; 7:C; 8:A; 9:C; 10:A; 11:B