The Oldest Company Still in Business in (Almost) Every Country

Aerial view of Salzburg, Austria.
Aerial view of Salzburg, Austria. / DaveLongMedia/iStock via Getty Images

The business world is competitive, and many companies fail before making any impact. To see which entrepreneurial endeavors were designed to last, check out the map of the oldest operating company in nearly every country below.

The folks at researched businesses around the world to put together this infographic. In Europe, the continent's oldest inn can be found at St. Peter’s Abbey in Austria. St. Peter Stiftskulinarium started welcoming guests in 803 CE, and visitors can still dine in the restaurant today.

A Mexican mint called La Casa de Moneda de México, which opened in 1534, holds the title of the oldest business in North America that's still operational. South America's longest-running company is also money-related. Peru's Casa Nacional de Moneda was established in 1621.

The oldest Asian business beat every entry on this list. The Japanese construction company Kongō Gumi was founded in 578 CE to build Buddhist temples, and it has managed to survive for nearly 1500 years.

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