This Red-Hot Knife Toasts Bread As it Slices

Hannah Keyser

For when you don't have time to both slice your bread and toast it comes this viewer-requested invention by Colin Furze. A series of wires carries an electrical current from a modified microwave transformer down into the blade of the knife to render it literally red-hot—as Furze demonstrates. This gives the knife quick-searing power, and one pass through the loaf of bread is enough to leave your slice crisp and toasty. Furze demonstrates how, even after the bread is cut, the super-hot metal can toast the cool side in seconds. And once your bread is toasted to perfection, the knife spreads cold butter with ease.

You can't buy the toasting knife anywhere but if you just have to have one for yourself, Furze offers up an instructional video. Of course, doing so is a little more time consuming and complicated than just toasting your bread normally, but if you're passionate about perfect toast and DIY engineering, here's the how-to:

[h/t Popular Mechanics]