Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse in The Godfather-Themed Monopoly

Winning Moves/Amazon
Winning Moves/Amazon / Winning Moves/Amazon
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Take a page out of the Corleone family playbook and make some money in The Godfather-themed Monopoly.

With this edition of the classic game, you can cruise around the board in tokens modeled after canolis, olive oil cans, a Corleone car (before the whole toll booth fiasco), and a tiny dismembered horse’s head. The details referenced in this game should impress any fan of the movies: instead of landing on properties like Baltic Avenue or Park Place, you'll find spaces for characters like Johnny Fontane and Tom Hagen. And the more important a character is to Francis Ford Coppola's crime epic, the higher price you'll have to pay (you can't have Fredo be worth more than Michael, after all).

Rather than featuring Chance and Community Chest cards, you'll find Boss and Consigliere cards. To cap off the theme, the money even has the face of Don Vito Corleone printed on it to remind players who the real boss is. Other than the theme, this is the basic game of Monopoly you already know, so there's no need to learn a whole new set of rules. All you have to do is channel some of that Corleone business savvy and hope you don't cross the wrong family member.

Winning Moves/Amazon

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