Block Out the Bugs and Save Your Picnics and BBQs With These Food Tents

Chefast Store/Amazon
Chefast Store/Amazon / Chefast Store/Amazon
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Summer is the time for picnics, BBQs, beachside lunches, and dinners on the back porch. However, sometimes tiny unwanted guests like flies and ants arrive to crash the party and can’t stop touching the delicious food. To preserve your food’s freshness, Chefast’s food cover tents ($19) will keep the bugs from grabbing a bite to eat.

These food tents come as a pack of five in three sizes, so your dips won't be sitting in a huge one while your salad bowl is crammed into another. The mesh organza netting walls help block out the bugs but let you see inside, while the steel rods allow enough height for your food to sit comfortably.

The food tents are collapsible and come with a carrying bag, so they are convenient for hiking, camping, or road trips. To open, simply hold onto the mesh and pull the wire at the top. Then, press the button at the top when you want it to collapse. If you happen to get the mesh dirty, it can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

Learn more about the Chefast food cover tents on Amazon and click the checkbox to get 5 percent off with a coupon.

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