The Weird Week in Review

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Zac Murray
Zac Murray / Zac Murray

A Ticket for Driving the Speed Limit

A speed camera near Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, caught 24-year-old Zac Murray driving at 100 km/h and he was sent a $151 ticket for speeding. However, the speed limit on the roadway is 100 km/h (62 mph). Murray was a bit puzzled, but saw the humor in the situation. He issued an apology.

"I am deeply saddened by my actions and believe I am just as bad as those ingrates who are downloading Dallas Buyers Club and/or Game of Thrones," he wrote. "Clearly I did not think of the children or consider the consequences of my actions as I drove at an alleged speed of 100km in a 100km zone. "I hope you can all forgive me. But most importantly I hope I can forgive myself for the monster I have become."

Police in Queensland were surprised, too, and canceled the ticket. Further investigation showed that when the speed camera was being calibrated and tested, it automatically issued two tickets to drivers before it was officially deployed. 

Pig Taken Into Police Custody Is Spared Death Penalty

Brian Davis of Shelby Township, Michigan, bought a pig about eight months ago with the intention of slaughtering it for meat. Last Thursday, the pig, named Pig Pig, escaped from Davis’ yard and ran through the neighborhood before being apprehended by police. Officers corralled the pig and put it in their squad car. The pig defecated in the vehicle before being returned to David and immediately made the papers. But will Pig Pig still be slaughtered? Davis says he cannot eat a famous pig. But he wouldn’t have anyway. The family fell in love with the new pig months ago and made her a family pet.

Winning House Bid Includes Free Pizza For Life

Nice houses are in demand in Portland, Oregon. Donna DeNicola, who runs DeNicola's Italian Restaurant, was trying to help her son Johnny purchase a home near the restaurant before the prices go out of sight. When Johnny found the perfect house, it was in a bidding war that drove the price up by $50,000. When DeNicola offered the perk of free pizza for life to the sellers, that sealed the deal. The real estate agent took a DeNicola pizza to the sellers with the offer, which was accepted. DeNicola is thrilled that her two sons, Johnny and Patrick, will now live near each other and near the restaurant where they both work.  

Man Completes Bucket List by Smashing Garage Door

Walter Thomas of Woodstock, Illinois, is 90 years old. He finally got to fulfill a wish that he’s had for a long time -to find out what it’s like to back out of a garage without opening the garage door. Thomas’ family got together to make the stunt happen. One relative offered his garage, as he was going to remodel anyway, and a local auto body shop provided an SUV. The entire episode was caught on video.

Cat Gives Birth to Kittens In Bird's Nest

Henry McGauley of County Louth, Ireland, found a stray cat in a tree. That’s not unusual, but the cat was curled up in a bird’s nest where she had birthed four kittens! The white cat is familiar to the neighborhood, and McGauley's wife Fiona had fed her before. The nest is about eight feet above the ground

The couple think the nest may have belonged to a pair of wood pigeons who left it a few days ago and now it has furry, not feathered, squatters. Fiona said she will be moving the happy family onto terra firma as the kittens do not have the required wings to ensure a safe landing if they fall. Henry chuckled as he said: “I always thought the cat was a bit bird-brained but I never expected her to move into a nest.”

The couple planned to move the kittens out of the tree to prevent them falling out of the nest. See more pictures at Facebook.

Worm Removed From Boy's Eye with Basil Bait

A 17-year-old boy in Peru went to the National Children's Hospital in Lima complaining of a swollen eyelid. Doctors found the culprit -a worm that had invaded his flesh and had grown for weeks. They preferred to avoid surgery on the swollen delicate tissues of the boy’s face. So they tried to coax the worm out of the skin using fresh basil. It worked, as the scent of the herb caused the worm to poke its head out of the skin. Doctors then used tweezers to pull the rest of the 3cm (one inch) worm. The boy suffered no long-term damage from the infection.