Can of Soda vs. Liquid Nitrogen

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Jefferson Lab
YouTube / Jefferson Lab / YouTube / Jefferson Lab

What happens when you put a can of soda* in liquid nitrogen? Well, we can predict that it will freeze, but how? Let's hope it's catastrophic:

Incidentally, I'm in the middle of reading the new Neal Stephenson book Seveneves, and am reminded of this passage:

"[The spacecraft] were just big aluminum cans with domes welded onto the ends. The walls of the can had a thickness of about a millimeter. The domes were a bit sturdier. The thickest and strongest parts of the hull were in the places where the domes overlapped the ends of the can. The analogy was to a plastic soda bottle, whose thin walls could be crumpled in one hand when the lid was off, but which became amazingly stiff and strong when it was pressurized. Or at least that was what NASA was saying to people who were alarmed by the idea of living one millimeter away from the vacuum of space." Stephenson, Neal (2015-05-19). Seveneves: A Novel (pp. 197-198). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

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* = Pop, soft drink, fizzy drink, carbonated liquid, "Coke," etc.