What the iPhone Would Look Like if it Had Been Created in 1987

Pierre Cerveau
Pierre Cerveau / Pierre Cerveau

Today Apple products are so ubiquitous, their sleek designs barely register when we see one in an advertisement, or pull out our iPhone to text a friend. But what if the technology we know and love had been introduced back when gadgets that streamlined weren't a possibility?

In a conceptual design by artist Pierre Cerveau, we can see what the iPhone, which debuted in 2007, might have looked like if it had been released 20 years earlier.

Cerveau's chunky design comes with a full 512 KB of storage and a beautifully pixelated screen that throws back to original Apple advertisements. The phone is complete with a nine-pin DVI port and vents that match the back of the original Macintosh computer. Gone are the touch screens, the monochrome logo (which didn't show up until around 1998), and the san serif fonts of modern iPhones, replaced instead with a rotary dial and trimmings straight from the Macintosh 128K.

Would Apple still be the multi-billion dollar giant it is today if this had been the original iPhone? There's no way to know. But this retro design is worth checking out all the same—as is the rest of Cerveau's work. He has also reinterpreted the Walkman, the gramophone, and more.

All images courtesy of Pierre Cerveau. 
[h/t: Visual News]