Proudly Display the Dark Knight on Your Bookshelf With a 410-Piece LEGO Batman Cowl

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LEGO recently released a handful of sets based on famous pop culture heads, including Iron Man, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett helmets. Now, the Dark Knight is getting in on the action with a 410-piece set that allows fans to recreate the character's iconic pointy-eared cowl.

At 8.5-inches tall and 4-inches wide and deep, this isn't the largest Batman set on the market, but it's a welcome addition for fans who aren't willing to deal with a 3300-piece Batmobile kit. The sturdy base will keep the collectible in place, making it perfect to display on a bookshelf, entertainment center, or home office desk. The set also comes with a nameplate emblazoned with the Batman logo, similar to the other entries in this line. And don't get too worried if you see the cowl's eyes glowing in the dark at night—that's supposed to happen.


If you prefer your Caped Crusader to have a bit more campy charm, LEGO's website is currently taking preorders for an Adam West-style cowl set. This one is based on the '60s Batman TV show and features the mask's trademark eyebrows and shorter ears.

Head to Amazon for more information on the Batman cowl set.

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