Learn New Things For Free With a Handy Website


The opportunity to learn a new skill or language is, for many, a luxury. Dutch website Konnektid wants to remove the usual barriers to education and give people access to free learning. 

Konnektid makes it easy for users to share their experiences and knowledge with the people around them. On the website, you can either offer up your time as a tutor in your area of expertise, or search for free classes. Tutors are encouraged to give their services for free in exchange for being able to learn new things from their fellow users. By connecting potential students and teachers, the middlemen—in this case, expensive institutions—are cut out. 

If you want to learn Photoshop, for example, simply log on and send out a request. People nearby are given the chance to reply and accept. Once someone expresses interest in teaching you, the two of you just need to set a place and time.

“Konnektid wants to become your lifelong learning companion," CEO and founder Michel Visser said in a press release. "We offer you something that online content, like Wikipedia pages, YouTube videos and e-courses, cannot: personal and direct contact with helpful experts around you."

Currently, there are over 6,000 members all over the world waiting to help you learn something new.

Konnektid will be debuting in the US at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn