A $50,000 Beanie Baby? See What Your Beloved '90s Toys Are Worth With This Interactive Chart

"My college fund!"
"My college fund!" / Bill Greenblatt/Getty Images

Nostalgia can be a powerful drug and an expensive habit. Recently, the toy review and recommendations site TheToyZone compiled an interactive guide to some of the most popular—and valuable—toys from the 1990s, from Beanie Babies to Furby to Nintendo 64 games. (Prices were culled from collectibles aggregator site Mavin.)

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All you need to do is choose a toy line from the dropdown menu and see the most valuable items from each. Take a look.

Beanie Babies rule the roost, with Rainbow the Chameleon fetching $50,000. On the Nintendo front, a copy of Goldeneye 007 went for $14,999. A 1991 Felicity Merriman American Girl doll fetched $7820.

TheToyZone also broke down the most valuable item from each toy line:

Toys from the '90s can fetch big money.
Toys from the '90s can fetch big money. / TheToyZone

Before rummaging around in your attic or closet, remember that these prices typically reflect scarce toys in excellent condition and in their original packaging. Sadly, a Felicity Merriman doll missing her head will not get you places.

[h/t TheToyZone]