This Doll "Burns" in the Sun To Teach Kids About Sunscreen

Hannah Keyser

Asking a kid to weigh the damage caused by long term UV exposure against the immediate gratification of going out to play right now probably isn't the most effective way to get them to wear sunscreen. And while a painful sunburn might teach them a lesson, it comes at far too high a cost.

Enter the doll that gets burned for you. When the bathing suit-clad plastic boys and girls, made by Nivea, are exposed to sunlight, they turn a bright, painful-looking red—unless you slather them in sunscreen first. In the commercial above, the dolls work to occupy kids long enough for their parents to apply sunscreen, if not to also instill a message about the importance of proper protection.

It's not yet clear if the toys will ever be available for sale, or if they're just a clever way to raise awareness. Either way, they seem pretty effective.

[h/t Adweek]