How Much Do You Know About Canada?

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1. How many provinces does Canada have?

A) 13
B) 15
C) 10

2. What percentage of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border?

A) 60
B) 70
C) 90

3. True or false: Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada?


4. How many territories does Canada have?

A) 3
B) 7
C) 0

5. What plant is on the Canadian flag?

A) Maple leaf
B) Oak leaf
C) Birch leaf

6. Where did poutine originate?

A) Quebec
B) Newfoundland
C) British Columbia

7. What is moose milk?

A) Exactly what it sounds like – milk from a moose
B) A retro ice cream flavor popular in Calgary
C) A cocktail with historical ties to the Canadian Armed Forces

8. What is the capital city of Canada?

A) Vancouver
B) Ottawa
C) Toronto

9. When is Canadian Thanksgiving?

A) The third Wednesday in November
B) The first Monday in September
C) The second Monday in October

10. In Canada, this drink is often sold in bags

A) Milk
B) Maple water
C) Beer

11. What is Canada’s most populated city?

A) Toronto
B) Montreal
C) Calgary

12. How many registered First Nations are there in Canada?

A) 634
B) 548
C) 801

13. What is the name of the Canadian National Anthem?

A) God Save the Queen
B) O Canada
C) My Country ‘Tis of Thee

14. When is Canada Day?

A) October 11
B) September 2
C) July 1

15. When did the Dominion of Canada form?

A) 1867
B) 1776
C) 1802

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Answers: 1:D; 2:D; 3:A; 4:A; 5:A; 6:A; 7:C; 8:B; 9:C; 10:A; 11:A; 12:A; 13:B; 14:C; 15:A