For many listeners, digital music files lack a certain sound quality found in vinyl. But collecting those decades-old records can be a daunting and expensive hobby, especially if you're starting from scratch. For newbies looking to build a reputable collection without scoring thrift shops and online auctions, Amazon has a new subscription service to help you out.

With this service, you'll receive a classic record through the mail every month, all of which are handpicked by the curators at Amazon Music. Currently, the club focuses on the “Golden Era of Vinyl,” which the company categorizes as the 1960s and ‘70s. The records so far include hits like Pink Floyd's The Wall and London Calling from The Clash. This subscription service is only available in the United States and comes with free shipping.

Once you subscribe, you can look ahead and see which album is on its way that month. If you aren’t interested in what's in store, you can simply click “skip this box” or return it for free. You can't request an artist, either, so if you're looking for some '80s new wave or '90s grunge, you're out of luck. But the service does promise genres outside of classic rock—both Miles Davis and Aretha Franklin are featured on the subscription service landing page, though the exact albums aren't listed.

You can head on over to Amazon to learn more about the service.

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