Swoon Over This 1000-Piece Jane Austen Jigsaw Puzzle

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If you're the type of Jane Austen aficionado who can recite witty dialogue from Pride and Prejudice on command and makes it a point to reread Emma every year, you'll find plenty to love about this 1000-piece puzzle from Amazon.

Called "The World of Jane Austen," this puzzle is inspired by the stories and locales that sprung from the mind of the trailblazing 19th-century author. As you make your way through, you'll piece together images of Austen, as well as 60 of her most beloved characters and defining scenes in one massive tapestry. Sense and Sensibility fans will spot John Willoughby carrying Marianne Dashwood after she sprains her ankle in one part of the puzzle, while Pride and Prejudice's Lydia and Kitty Bennet chat with soldiers in another. This puzzle will bring joy to any Jane Austen fan as they relive their favorite locations from the books, including the Royal Crescent and Barton Cottage.

Uncommon Goods

There is also a poster that shows the completed puzzle on one side and a detailed description of the characters on the other side, with a legend that points out who's who. The whole thing is tied together by whimsical artwork that's simple, but manages to capture the essence of Austen's work.

The World of Jane Austen Puzzle is currently available for order on Amazon.

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