Can You Spot the Three Olympic Medals Hiding In the Cryptocurrency?

Keep your eyes peeled for those Olympic medals!
Keep your eyes peeled for those Olympic medals! / Mike Rogalski /

The Summer Olympics are almost here! While most of us won't ever get the chance to take home an Olympic medal for our country, we're giving you a chance to snatch up a trio of them—one gold, one silver, and a bronze ... if you can find them. In the illustration above, created for Mental Floss by Mike Rogalski of Eyewash, there are three Olympic medals hiding in that pile of cryptocurrency. Set the stopwatch on your smartphone and see how long it takes you to spot them. (You can access a larger version of the image here.)

Want to make the puzzle a little more difficult? See if you can find the special Mental Floss coin.

Still looking to give your brain an extra workout? How many of the different pieces of cryptocurrency in this image can you identify by name? Grab a notepad—your time starts now ...