Whip Up Margaritas, Piña Coladas, and More in This 4.7-Star-Rated Frozen Drink Maker

Margaritaville/Amazon / Margaritaville/Amazon
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Margaritas, piña coladas, smoothies, and daiquiris are summer vacation staples that are perfect for hot days. But since you're reading this right now, we'll assume you're not currently at a resort where you can order these drinks with the simple wave of a hand. Well, you can bring one of the best parts about a tropical vacation home with you with the help of this Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker on Amazon.

This machine basically does all the work for you whenever you want to craft a frozen drink. All you have to do is fill the top reservoir with ice; pour your favorite fruits, drinks, or mixes in one of the blending jars; and then press the button to create some frozen, blended magic.

There are six automated settings, as well as 'Shave Only' and 'Blend Only' options so that you can customize your drink to fit whatever mood you're in. Each pitcher is around 72 ounces, and since there are three of them, you can have some friends over to indulge. In addition to margaritas, this machine is designed for smoothies, daiquiris, coladas, mudslides, and mojitos. The $500 machine is currently sitting at a 4.7-star rating after nearly 1000 reviews.

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