Can You Define These Forgotten Weather Words?

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1. Swullocking

A) Rainy
B) Humid Stormy
C) Stormy

2. Hen-Scartins

A) A hot haze
B) Thin Strips of clouds used to forecast rain
C) Winds strong enough to blow away a chicken

3. Wethergaw

A) A rainbow
B) A sudden rain storm
C) An unexpectedly sunny day

4. Bows of Promise

A) Rainbands
B) Rainbows
C) Moonbows

5. Blenky

A) Sudden, bright sunshine
B) A heavy rain
C) To snow very lightly

6. Armogan

A) A blue sky with a single cloud
B) The perfect weather for a traveling or starting a journey
C) A strong storm that’s too dangerous to sail through

7. Pikels

A) Small, wispy clouds on a fall day
B) A stretch of warm days that signal the start of peach pickling season
C) Heavy drops of sheets of rain

8. Drouth

A) The cool weather that signifies the start of deer rutting the season
B) A long stretch of humid days
C) The perfect weather conditions in which to dry clothes

9. Messenger

A) A single sunbeam through a cloud
B) A double rainbow
C) The first drop of rain before a summer storm

10. Cairies

A) Large, fluffy clouds
B) Swiftly moving clouds
C) Slow moving clouds

11. Bengy

A) Humid
B) Stormy
C) Overcast

12. Monkey’s wedding

A) Sun shower
B) A double rainbow
C) Thundersnow

13. Foxy

A) Sunny and clear, but cold
B) The perfect temperature to go fox hunting
C) Foggy and humid

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Answers: 1:B; 2:B; 3:A; 4:B; 5:C; 6:B; 7:C; 8:C; 9:A; 10:B; 11:C; 12:A; 13:A