Make Yourself a Happy Little Breakfast With This Bob Ross Waffle Maker

A happy little face on your plate.
A happy little face on your plate. / Uncanny Brands/Amazon
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When it comes to waffle shapes, you can’t really go wrong. A square tastes as good as a circle, which tastes as good as a Mickey Mouse head, which tastes as good as a heart. That said, seeing Bob Ross smile up at you from your breakfast plate might give you a better morning mood boost than any old geometric shape could ever hope to.

Thanks to Uncanny Brands, waffles bearing the face of the big-haired, big-hearted painter are an actual thing you can make in your own kitchen—without needing a piping bag, a steady hand, or any artistic talent whatsoever.

The waffle maker gives you two options: You can fill the mold of Ross’s face in the middle for a 6-inch waffle, or you can fill the entire circular plate for a 7-inch one. If you go for the larger of the two, Ross’s face will still be elevated in the center of your creation, surrounded by a flat border.

Sort of a pancake-waffle crossover event.
Sort of a pancake-waffle crossover event. / Uncanny Brands/Amazon

A leading reason that some people claim waffles are superior to pancakes is because a waffle’s grid of holes can hold butter and syrup much better than a pancake’s smooth surface. For the Ross waffles, his curly hair is full of divots that function in the same way, and his wide grin also helps.

The waffle iron is available for $35 from Walmart and $40 from Amazon. And if you’re really more of a toast person, we have good news: Uncanny Brands carries a toaster that’ll imprint your bread with Ross’s face. You can order it from Walmart or Amazon ($35 from both retailers), too.