Explore Strange New Worlds and Uncharted Civilizations With Star Trek: Catan

Flat River Group/Amazon
Flat River Group/Amazon / Flat River Group/Amazon
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Exploring new worlds is the foundation of the entire Star Trek franchise. And since settling new civilizations is what the board game Catan is all about, it was only natural that these two properties would come together.

In Star Trek: Catan, the Federation has tasked you and your crew with settling on a new planet to explore what can be discovered. Much like standard Catan, this version has you finding new life, building outposts, creating bases, and finding resources native to the planet. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only ones on this planet trying to do the same thing. So be wary of other players who might try to take hold of the planet before you do.

Flat River Group/Amazon

This game is excellent for three to four players and includes everything you’ll need to live out your Star Trek fantasies. In the box, you’ll find planet sector tiles, outposts, starships, habitat rings, and a Klingon battle cruiser.

There’s also an expansion pack called Federation Space that includes two color maps of the Explored Galaxy that can work with your original Star Trek: Catan board so you can discover new places.

Get ready to boldly go where no one has gone before with Star Trek: Catan, now available at Walmart and Amazon. The Star Trek: Federation Space expansion pack is also available on Amazon. If you want to check out more board games inspired by iconic movies and TV shows, head here.

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