Frustrated With Paper Straws? Stick a Pasta Straw in Your Drink, Instead

Pasta Life/Amazon
Pasta Life/Amazon / Pasta Life/Amazon
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Paper and metal straws have been eco-friendly alternatives to plastic for a few years now, but there's been another option hiding in our kitchen pantry this entire time—pasta.

Pasta Life is a gluten-free, vegan pasta straw brand that came about after co-founders Anthony and Dave grew frustrated with the soggy paper options available to them. As a result of their work, these rice flour-based pasta straws are durable and sustainable, and they've been engineered to last more than 40 minutes in a cold drink, which is three times longer than a regular paper straw. (The company does stress not to use the straws for hot beverages, though. One reviewer noted that a warm drink resulted in her straw turning into a noodle.)

Pasta Life/Amazon

The pasta straws are available in a variety of fun colors, all derived from natural ingredients: katuk is used for green, turmeric for yellow, and butterfly pea flower for blue. Even with these added colors, the straws are still flavorless, so your beverage won't have overtones of carbs no matter how long you leave it in. Once you're done, you can throw the straws away or leave them in your backyard, garden, or window box and watch them break down in less than 90 days.

There are different straw sizes available depending on your drink of choice, so cocktail drinkers and smoothie fans can choose the one that best fits their needs. Learn more about Pasta Life and their fun, gluten-free, vegan straws by getting yourself a box on Amazon.

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