15 Hilarious Hidden Camera Selfies by Animals

Shaunacy Ferro

Animals: they’re just like us! Leave them alone with a camera for long enough, and they’ll start to take preening pictures of themselves. Between 2010 and 2013, scientists studying wildlife in Serengeti National Park set up trap cameras to catch animal behavior on film. A new website called Snapshot Serengeti features a collection of more than 1.2 million images, and more than a few of them might be considered selfies by human standards. (Some might even be classified as belfies!)  

Check out these beasts mugging for the camera:

This guy is playing coy.

This lion looks like he's posing for his passport photo.

Surprise! Night vision!

These animals are perfecting the super close-up selfie.

This cat-friend seems to be checking for boogers. 

This baboon has the one-arm selfie down pat. 

Does this angle make my nose look big? 

Bird side-eye:

Sunrise selfie?

Just chillin'

Hyena in the headlights!

No, the camera is not food. 

Hi, little zebra foal!

[h/t: Scientific Data]All images courtesy Snapshot Serengeti.