Turn Your Bar Cart Into a Chemistry Lab With Glasses Shaped Like Beakers and Flasks

Periodic Tableware/Amazon
Periodic Tableware/Amazon / Periodic Tableware/Amazon
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Since science plays a vital role in cooking, mixology, and baking, it only makes sense to bring some actual lab equipment into the kitchen with you. Periodic Tableware stocks your bar cart with drinkware modeled off of beakers, flasks, and other staples you'd find in any chem classroom. The products are all made from hand-crafted, laboratory-quality Borosilicate and CaCO3/Na2O glass, and the accessory parts are taken from actual equipment you’d find in the real world.

Wine aficionados can test out their sommelier skills with this beaker wine glass for just $20, while beer drinkers out there can down their pilsners, IPAs, and stouts with this set of two 400 ml glasses for $30. Fans of martinis will enjoy this set of four different colored Erlenmeyer flask-shaped glasses. And if mixology isn't your thing, this carafe can be used to make homemade cold brew coffee or iced tea.

The glasses are all marked with precise measurements on the sides, so while they look authentic from a science perspective, it also makes it easier to mix drinks right into them.

Periodic Tableware/Amazon

Take your dedication to STEM to the next level with this stemware collection now available on Amazon. Need something to go with your new cocktail glasses? Try stirring your drink with these eco-friendly pasta straws.

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