Where's Willy? How Waldo Translates Around the World

In England, Waldo is known as Wally.
In England, Waldo is known as Wally. / Carl Court/Getty Images

Like many iconic pop culture characters, the be-sweatered Waldo of the Where’s Waldo? book series by Martin Handford undergoes changes when he’s translated into other countries.

Recently, marketing research firm Honchō dug in to investigate some of Waldo’s alternative names around the world. In some places, kids are searching for Jura, Vallu, or a guy named Charlie.

Waldo takes on many forms.
Waldo takes on many forms. / Honchō

Here’s another look at the breakdown:

Waldo's many aliases.
Waldo's many aliases. / Honchō

It’s not known whether any of these multiverse Waldos ever encountered their American counterpart’s controversy over a 1992 image that featured a nude sunbather. In Europe, probably not.