This $18 Pocket Watercolor Set Is Perfect for Beginners

Lightwish/Amazon / Lightwish/Amazon
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July is World Watercolor Month, and whether you've tried the medium before or are still waiting to give it a go, investing in high-quality supplies makes all the difference. If you’re looking for a dependable watercolor kit that's aimed at a beginner, then check out this 4.8-star-rated MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set on Amazon.

When looking for a watercolor palette, you'll want one that is light but still comes with a wide array of options. Here, you have 36 shades to choose from, and all of the highly pigmented paint is made of gum arabic. This allows the paint to be more soluble in water and makes for smoother mixing. The pigments are vibrant and intense, and the colors dry flat, without any grittiness on the paper.

The lid doubles as a mixing palette and is easy to wipe clean after use. The set also comes with a refillable watercolor paintbrush, as well as a metal ring that allows you to hold the tin while you are tinkering with your masterpiece. Measuring at just a little over nine inches across, the whole thing is small enough to be thrown in your bag and taken on the go.

This watercolor set has more than 6000 five-star reviews, and you can buy it on Amazon for only $18.

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